In 2010, we accepted our biggest ever challenge: to find a truly sustainable way for communities to address the growing crisis of orphans and other vulnerable children in sub-Saharan Africa. We took everything we learned from our previous projects, reached out to our friends and partners from around the world, selected the best possible location to test our theories and concepts and launched our new 'flagship' programme – The Thoughtful Path, currently being piloted in Munsieville, South Africa.

The Thoughtful Path approach is all about inspiring hope and demonstrating effectiveness, while at the same time creating a new language of evidence and return on investment. 

The Thoughtful Path is constructed on a set of VALUES that place children first, along with a belief that for us to do something for people that they could do for themselves, is to do them harm, but eroding their capacity to act for themselves. We work with communities, giving them a hand up and never a handout.