Project HOPE UK celebrates your desire to help vulnerable children in Africa, so if you enjoy gardening or golf, or would like to join us at one of our social events, then why not indulge your passion and do something remarkable that will change lives forever.

'You Grow, They Grow' local groups
Project HOPE UK is committed to an ambitious target of banishing malnutrition in the Munsieville township, South Africa, by the end of 2020. This cannot be done through soup kitchens and food parcels, but by inspiring families to grow their own fresh vegetables at the same time as helping them to access other sustainable food supplies. A key component in supporting this initiative is our plan to enrol keen amateur gardeners to form local ‘You Grow, They Grow’ groups, grow a few extra plants and join together for a charity sale of plants, gardening books and second-hand garden tools in their town or workplace. Contact Paul Brooks at for further details about starting a local group with people who share your passion for gardening and compassion for children suffering from malnutrition in South Africa.

Star of HOPE Appeal
Most orphans and vulnerable children in Munsieville live in poverty and never get a chance to celebrate Christmas. So every year, as part of The Thoughtful Path: Munsieville, the whole community works together to present the “Tshepo" (meaning hope) Festival – a celebration of Christmas, children and better health for all. Schoolchildren can get involved too by decorating stars and adding a message to the children of Munsieville on the reverse. Find out more here.

Local Fundraising Activities
Since its launch over 20 years ago, the charity has worked in over 35 countries introducing many life-saving innovations, and shipping medicines and medical supplies worth over £70 million to support patients in many of the world’s most troubled locations. Why not help us continue with our programmes by hosting an event in your workplace, church, school or with friends at home – you make the arrangements and we will supply an inspirational speaker and materials. Contact: