This page contains links to resources used in our programme implementation and other information to provide context to our work with children in disadvantaged communities.

Health Curriculum training materials

The PATHWAY TO HEALTH community health curriculum equips caregivers of vulnerable children and members of the Thoughtful Path hubs with the knowledge needed to promote child and family health. Subjects include common childhood illnesses such as chickenpox, measles and rubella, early signs of meningitis, mental illness, and serious communicable and non-communicable diseases, as well as nutrition and hygiene, with an emphasis on preventative action and timely care-seeking. Topics covered to date are:



Tuberculosis (TB)


Childhood Malnutrition




Breast Cancer

Food Hygiene

Athlete's Foot

Poverty in South Africa

This paper on poverty in South Africa is based on research and practical experience in townships similar to Munsieville, and concludes that despite all the odds, the country can invest in its children as the future generation of community leaders and enable them to break the cycle of generational poverty.