“I commend Project HOPE UK for its approach and believe it will succeed because, from the very outset, they have honoured the humanity of the people they serve, giving them control, and empowering them to do more - becoming their servants and not seeking to be their masters. And the pinnacle of their achievements is their total belief in the children and youth of the community, constantly investing in them, establishing their House of Young Ambassadors and even providing them with their own Embassy in Munsieville.”
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu


“The Thoughtful Path Munsieville is an extraordinary example of a local community and partners coming together to tackle some of the seemingly most intractable problems in one of South Africa’s most disadvantaged townships. Munsieville is a community with a large proportion of vulnerable children who have few life chances and low life expectancy. This ground-breaking project begins with the community, is run by the community, and is for the community – its work is at its heart driven by what the community has determined it most needs. For me the chance to be involved in this innovative work is a great privilege.”
Dame Amelia Fawcett, DBE

“I came to live in Munsieville many years ago, raising my six children in the Mshenguville squatter camp. My children are between 11 months and 13 years. Until a few months ago, I would get them up at 5am and send them out to look for firewood. When they came home, they would spend the rest of the day doing the laundry, cooking and other household chores. One day, we had a visit from a member of the Thoughtful Path team, who explained the importance of children going to school. I thought my children would not be allowed to go to school because we are foreigners, but the Thoughtful Path team helped me to enrol the children and to prepare them for school. Now, my two younger children are happy in pre-school and the four older children are all doing well in school even though they have started to study so late in their childhood.”
M. Nyambanga, Resident of Munsieville