The Thoughtful Path is constructed on a set of VALUES that place children first, along with a belief that for us to do something for people that they could do for themselves, is to do them harm, but eroding their capacity to act for themselves. We work with communities, giving them a hand up and never a handout.

Putting children first
An organisation without values is like a building without foundations; it is likely to collapse! Project HOPE UK is a values-led organisation, so all of us need to own our shared values and do all we can to make sure everything we do is driven by our commitment to them.
The Thoughtful Path exists for children; their interests must always come first and all proposed activities must be seen to provide benefits to children. But that is not all – children must be at the heart of planning, implementation and evaluation of programme activities.
Why? Because we have the deepest respect for children, are committed to their development as healthy, productive citizens and believe that in most matters relating to the challenges they face, they have the greatest contribution to make in shaping effective solutions.

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