The official opening of the Hope Park Children's Health Campus was a day of celebration in Munsieville. The tailored health and nutrition services provided at the centre will improve the chances of the township's children growing up into healthy, productive adults.

This video shows how to build a heart vegetable garden and the way these gardens are helping to provide fresh, healthy vegetables for hungry children in Munsieville.
In this video, Siyabonga Ncuba shows us a typical school day in Munsieville.

A short video (2 m 38 s) which introduces the You Grow-They Grow schools activity to children. It describes the problems in Munsiveille, what You Grow-They Grow is working towards and how the money raised by the activity will be used. For more details, please visit www.yougrowtheygrow.org. (Music "Acoustic Breeze" - http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music".)

Siyabonga Ncube is 10 years old and lives in Munsieville. This video (6 m 49 s) follows him through a typical day; we meet his family and friends, his school, and find out more about his You Grow-They Grow sponsored garden (find out how you can sponsor a garden at www.yougrowtheygrow.org).
In this video (3 m 52 s), Betty Nkoana from Project Hope in Munsieville, shows us around some of the homes in the township. Many families live in small home-built shacks with no electricity or running water; Betty describes some of the ways families try to overcome the lack of space and facilities.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu talks about The Thoughtful Path programme and the ways in which it's addressing some of the challenges faced by the community in his childhood home, Munsieville.

Young competitors show their skills to the world in the 2015 Munsieville's Got Talent competition.

Young children in one of The Thoughtful Path's day care centres learn the basics of oral health and hygiene

Paul Brooks, Executive Director of Project HOPE UK, explains the vision and strategy of the charity's signature programme, The Thoughtful Path - Munsieville

Member of the Munsieville House of Young Ambassadors speaks about her passion, motivation and determination to be the change she wants to see in her community