Malnutrition affects millions of children across South Africa, causing over a third of child deaths. Food parcels and soup kitchens can help but are not sustainable. 'You Grow – They Grow' equips poor families to grow their own way to better nutrition, with you as their champion.
One in four children go to school hungry every day, even though they live in a country that is self-sufficient in food. Around 15 percent of infants are born with low birth weight and 27 percent of under five-year-olds are undersized. Aside from the many health conditions that are directly associated with malnutrition, lack of food and poor diet inhibits attainment at all stages of education, leading to poverty that trickles down from one generation to the next.
Yet malnutrition in South African children is simply not necessary. Project HOPE UK’s work in Munsieville, the country’s oldest, undeveloped township has left the charity in no doubt that this is a battle that can be won – and quickly!

You Grow – They Grow is a brand new initiative to help children and their families to grow their way to better nutrition. We have yet to find a home in the township that could not create its own sustainable and highly nutritious source of fresh vegetables, for a fraction of the costs of food in the shops.
We believe that for us to do things for people that they can do for themselves reduces their capacity and creates dependency.
But right across Munsieville, there are children, families and caregivers who are ready and eager to get digging and help turn their health around. All they need is a helping hand – some know-how, a little encouragement and a tiny grant to set up their nutrition garden.
That’s where you come in! The scheme is called You Grow – They Grow, because it involves people like you growing great plants at your home, so that children in Munsieville can grow plants to make them healthy:

Twin your garden from just £4 a month  click here for the brochure with more details of the subscription options and how to sign up.

Take a look at the gardens created at these homes and locations in Munsieville with your support:

Fhulofelo Centre
Reagile Early Childhood Development Centre
Mam Sylvia
Witness Mpala