You Grow-They Grow


Malnutrition affects millions of children across South Africa, causing over a third of child deaths. Food parcels and soup kitchens can help but are not sustainable. One in four children go to school hungry every day, even though they live in a country that is self-sufficient in food. Around 15 percent of infants are born with low birth weight and 27 percent of under five-year-olds are undersized. Aside from the many health conditions that are directly associated with malnutrition, lack of food and poor diet inhibits attainment at all stages of education, leading to poverty that passes down from one generation to the next.
You Grow-They Grow is a community initiative to help children and their families to grow their way to better nutrition. We have yet to find a home in the Munsieville township that could not create its own sustainable and nutritious source of fresh vegetables, for a fraction of the costs of food in the shops. There are many children, families and caregivers across Munsieville who are ready and eager to get digging and help turn their health around. All they need is a helping hand – some know-how, a little encouragement and a tiny grant to set up their nutrition garden.

This is where we need you! We have a waiting list of families wanting a vegetable garden in Munsieville, so please make a donation today, and we will help them build their garden so they can start growing their own food within weeks. We will also discuss what other support we can offer to ensure malnutrition becomes a thing of the past.

Why not create a vegetable 'heart garden’ in your own outdoor space and see how productive they are!